How I make compost tea
For around $100.start up. For this investment you can make many batches it will pay for itself
5 gallon bucket $3 walmart to put 4 1/2 gallons of water in I use rain water,well water or filtrated water.If using city water airate for 24 hours before mixing everything it will airate the chlorine out of it.
Dual airport pump,tubing, and 2 of the biggest air stones they have for about $35 at walmart fish department..Airate while placing your fertilizers/nutrients into the water
Laundry bag $5 at walmart to put 1-2 cups of soil in.I use fox farm happy frog just use what you use for seedlings.Place dirt in bag then place bag in water.
unsulphated or black strap molasses $4-$5 pour into the water to the count of 10 seconds.Check the organic section at your supermarket(can use powder molasses also)
i used 1/2 cup of veggie tone placed in water which I got a 27# bag for $20 at walmart. Just use what nutrients you normally use.Placed right into water
ph meter online $20–ph should be between 6.5-7.0 (7.0 is neutral)
Ph up and Ph down in fish department at walmart use as needed $10
Ppm meter (parts per million) online $20-ppm 250-500 ppm for seedlings 500-1000 ppm for full size plants
You can get all this at your local hydroponics store also.You can also make bigger batches for use on plants and raise the ppm up.
Airate for 24-36 hours make sure to squeeze excess water out of the laundry bags. Throw wet dirt into compost pile. Also use all the tea Do not save to use later it will be no good. Discard any not used into compost pile. You can also spray plant with the tea or use a some in a cloner.I am sure we all have other plants around the house that we can use it on so none goes to waste lol.
The molasses acts as a carbohydrate because of the sugar it also has calcium,magneisum and zinc in it.With the air from air stones activates the microbes and benificals in the soil with the sugar creates live microbes in the fertilizer/nutrients. This utilizes your fertilizer/nutrients to the fullest and you get more bang for the buck
There are other ways to make compost teas this is how I do it.The rule of thumb you get as much out of your plants of what you put into it