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Slicing Tomatoes

Slicing Tomatoes
We offer the best collection of slicing tomatoes. These tomatoes are larger. They are very plump and juicy, which goes well with burgers. These fruits make excellent slices for on top of baked dishes, deli tray and sandwiches. Customers love to purchase these tomatoes at farmers markets for their picnics and fresh eating. When selling tomatoes, make sure to grow a lot of this variety.

Some of our most popular slicing tomato seed varieties include 3 Sisters, Dean’s Black Dwarf, Dwarf Mahogany, Eli, Golden Jubilee, and John Henry.

We take over 40,000 pictures of all the varieties we grow and list every year. Also, we write all our own descriptions of each variety too. All the seeds we save are all grown by us. Be sure to check out our Tomato Talk Blogs to see what OMRI products we use on and in our garden.

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