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Giant Tomatoes

Giant Heirloom Tomatoes
We offer the best collection of giant heirloom tomatoes. Here is where you will find all our tomatoes weighing at least 1 pound (453.59 gram) and some even exceeding 2 pounds (ca. 907 gram). We try to include a picture of each tomato variety on the scale, showing they were 1 pound (453.59 gram) or more in weight. These fruits come in all different colors. They also make excellent slicing tomatoes for sandwiches because of their size. Some of them can even be used in canning, sauces, and pastes because of how meaty they are.

Some of our most popular one pound plus tomato seed varieties include John Henry, Australian Beauty, Curtis Cheek, Blushing Bride, Springston’s Heirloom, and McMurray#10.

We take over 40,000 pictures of all the varieties we grow and list every year. Also, we write all our own descriptions of each variety too. All the seeds we save are all grown by us. Be sure to check out our Tomato Talk Blogs to see what OMRI products we use on and in our garden.

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