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Breed Your Own Tomatoes

Breed-Create Your Own Tomatoes

We are one of the few sites which offers a collection of breed-create your own tomatoes. We saved these seeds from hybrids or crosses we made which are in the early unstable stages. These stages consist of F1, F2, F3, F4, or F5. You can grow these out and select certain seeds to save from your grow outs. Then keep growing them year after year, selecting which ones to keep for size, color, shape, and flavor. Next, make it stable and name it what you like, pass it down for generations, and in 50 years becomes an heirloom. It is fun and exciting that you get to create and name your own tomato!

We take over 40,000 pictures of all the varieties we grow and list every year. Also, we write all our own descriptions of each variety too. All the seeds we save are all grown by us. Be sure to check out our Tomato Talk Blogs to see what OMRI products we use on and in our garden.

Also, check out our YouTube Channel- Tomato Reviews, Pictures, and More. Please be sure to like, tag, share, and follow if you like our content.

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Happy Growing!!

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