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Shop For Rare Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Welcome to Bounty Hunter Seeds, the place to shop for rare heirloom tomato seeds. We have over 1300 items to choose from in our amazing large collection. Everything we offer is grown by us. Our collection consists of rare heirloom tomato seeds, beans, peppers, and much more. Healthy grown food is our passion. We are constantly searching for new rare heirloom tomatoes, along with other unique heirloom seeds to grow to bring to you our valued customers. We are always working on and updating our website to improve your experience. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or suggestions.

We take over 40,000 pictures of all the varieties we grow and list every year. Also, we write all our own descriptions of each variety too. All the seeds we save are all grown by us. Be sure to check out our Garden/Tomato Blogs to see what OMRI products we use on and in our garden.

Also, check out our YouTube Channel- Tomato Reviews, Pictures, and More. We have over 500 videos on the channel. Please be sure to like, tag, share, and follow if you like our content.

NOTE – It was brought to our attention 12/15/23  the gram weights in the descriptions are not correct. But the pounds and ounces measurements are 100 Percent correct.This is due to the app Spellboy we were using (Please check for yourself). We have been using this app for many years. Here at Bounty Hunter Seeds we weigh all our tomatoes in pounds and ounces as can be seen in our pictures and videos. We were trying to make it easier for customers who weigh in grams to add the grams measurment. But in doing so we did not realize the app was not correct. Going forward we will not be including a grams measurment in our descriptions. Also we will be working on removing the gram measurements over time from our descriptions that already have it.

Thank you for your wonderful support of our farm.

“Shawn B”

Happy Growing!!


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